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The most important questions that all chronically ill patients are asked at the beginning of treatment are energy distribution, metabolism, the condition of the cell milieu and, therefore the acids alkaline balance. In contrast to former methods we arrive at our goal much faster, because the initial pathological condition is captured automatically and is subsequently corrected.


Application Sequence
After an initial exam, the patient is put in front of the ZMR instrument, the pulse sensor and flexible hand electrode are connected and the polyfrequency transmitter is directed towards the diseased area of the body. One can then start immediately using the pre-programmed universal setup. Actual metabolism information and the condition of the acids alkaline balance are synchronically and continuously measured and displayed. Based on these measurements, the ZMR instrument transmits locally the necessary regulatory information.

The ZMR instrument is principally conceived to be the first step in dealing with all illnesses, acute and chronic, in order to create the necessary healing prerequisites. The way out of illness with all chronic diseases is the reestablishment of the ability of the organism to regenerate. This is how the ZMR instrument through activation of regulating hormones of the metabolism, and mental guidance works. Applications are: support of the healing potential in all degenerative illnesses, painful joints and spinal impairments, also circulation and heart problems, organ deficiency (i.e. liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines), allergies and in support of any other therapy.
ZMR also supports and optimizes other healing modalities, like homeopathy, acupuncture, neural therapy, etc. Also the proven methods of
BIT (Biophysical Information Therapy). It boosts their effectiveness tremendously and can overcome healing resistance. ZMR also is useful in health maintenance, preventive medicine and reduction of stress.

Principle of Operation
The ZMR instrument recognizes the deep seated causes of health disturbances and will automatically transmit the necessary correction signals. The energetically transferred information acts like hormones or other regulatory medications being physically administered. Anabolic or catabolic derailments of the cell-metabolism will be eliminated, as well as a rebalancing of the acids alkaline condition will occur. In addition the 4 large detoxification organs are being activated, which will cause an increased elimination of toxins.




Evidence of Effectiveness
The ZMR instrument was tested extensively at the Institute for Microcirculation (Dr. Rainer Klopp, Director of the Institute) in Berlin. It was possible to significantly prove, that the discharge from the veins was improved with a simultaneous increase in capillary circulation (increase in nutrients and oxygen). It was also found that prostaglandin synthesis was increased as a sign of increased metabolism.

This is a scientific proof that the transfer of the 4-pole regulating information affects the cells and the milieu exactly as predicted.

ZMR Application Examples
Effects on Microcirculation

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The goal of all efforts is the desire to eliminate blockages, so that regeneration processes can be initiated and their subsequent healing responses stimulated. The problem areas in the body of a patient will react to the renewed ability to regulate processes as expected. This can be an immediate removal of discomfort with an increase in psychic well-being, but can also lead to local healing reactions with an initial increase in symptoms, which is actually desired. The changes do not only affect the physical problems, but also changes the psychic order pattern so that the consciousness necessary for healing, is activated.

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