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The particular characteristics of cell-milieu revitalization


The 7 functional systems
of the organism will be checked automatically in order to verify disturbances of the 4 polarities of regulation as the cause of chronic illnesses. After that, any errors in the transmission of information can be immediately corrected.


The ZMR 703 Instrument
has a novel and automatic measurement system of vegetative reactions which finds the 4 pole interaction between the metabolism and the acid-alkaline balance. Any deviations from the ideal can be corrected within a few minutes. In addition the 4 detoxification systems will be activated (liver, lungs, kidneys and intestines).


The 4 Quadrants
correspond to the 4 aspects of self-feeling according to Max Luescher, which balance all psychosomatic stresses. The 4 colors correlate with the 4 control elements of all functional systems. Mental aberrations create lopsided stresses, which will overstress the system and will therefore result in chronic disease symptoms.


Individual Programs
allow for creative applications with high effectiveness. In medical practice no bioenergetic tests are necessary, because the new measurement method automates the whole procedure. Therefore, after a short training period, all possibilities of the instrument can be fully utilized.


The Polyfrequency Transmitter
transmits the correcting information several times, so that the optimum effect is guaranteed. In addition to color light, magnetic fields and electrical fields, scalar waves are also transmitted. This combination activates several systems at the same time and reaches all cells.


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