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The ZMR Instrument - revitalization/effects

The Law of the 4-Pole
The Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli rediscovered the universal validity of the 3+1 law and demanded that all fields of science orient themselves according to this law. 50 years ago, Max Luescher developed the 4 dimensional Luescher-Cube, which can be used as new method of order systems for all functions of the organism. Cell-metabolism and acids alkaline balance through their charge-carriers are connected with 4 poles. They enable the organism to adapt and influence the potential fields. This is the basis for all functional sequences. This enables the human being to be flexible enough in order to deal with demands of the psyche.
This is the dynamic balancing of life.

The Cell
Itís function is solely determined according to the demands of the psyche. Whatever the intention of the human being is, this will steer the metabolism. It depends on a membrane function in good working order, so that it can rhythmically increase its potential field to minus 90 millivolt.

The Metabolism
Under stress the catabolic energy metabolism dominates over the anabolic synthesis metabolism. This encourages degenerative processes. Chronic diseases are always based on a derailment of the cell-metabolism, either catabolic or anabolic.


The Milieu
The cells depend on a well functioning surrounding milieu for proper supply and waste disposal. This is a dynamic system which is connected to the whole organism and reacts adaptively to any change in environmental conditions. This is done through the supply or withdrawal of hydrogen ions (protons) and affects the ph value.

Acids Alkaline Balance
The regulation of the ph value depends on the cell-metabolism. Acidity under stress increases the ability for more stress. Alkalization promotes regeneration. For optimum health it is important that the organism has the ability to fluctuate between the two conditions according to the demand.

The Potential Fields
A new understanding of the human being assumes that the electrodynamics mechanism within the organism find more acceptance and emphasis within the medical field. The interplay between electrons and protons as charge carriers creates rhythmically oscillating potential fields, which are responsible for orderliness in tissue. All ionized molecules have to align themselves with the direction of the field. High charge concentration creates a strong potential field and allows for high stress, but lacks flexibility. Therefore as always, the dynamic interplay between anabolic and catabolic, acidity and alkalization is of great importance for one’s health.
The number of negatively charged electrons is determined by the cell metabolism. The number of positively charged protons depends on the acids alkaline balance.

The Creation of Positive Healing Prerequisites
Chronic diseases are based on the overstress of regulatory systems through constant imbalance of mentally directed information. One-sidedness in the way of thinking and the loss of adaptability, regardless of stimulants, leads to a derailment of the cell-metabolism and at the same time to an imbalance of the acids alkaline condition.

In order to allow healing processes to occur, these regulatory processes have to be normalized again. This is the function of the cell and milieu revitalization with ZMR.

The secret of life is the fact, that the guidance of these regulatory systems can only happen in a bipolarity. All 4 regulators have to be active within the cell at all times, which does not happen under chronic illness conditions. In order to start the healing process, one must know the code for these processes. With the use of the ZMR instrument, the knowledge of the code is applied and all physiological steering processes are replicated true to nature. ZMR therefore is life enhancing.

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