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What the Instrument does

The application of the ZMR instrument helps to create the following healing prerequisites:

  • normalization of cell-metabolism via information transfer
  • normalization of the acid-alkaline balance in tissue
  • stimulation of the major detoxification organs: liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs
  • elevation of orderliness by stabilizing the potential fields


ZMR 703 by Dr. Bodo Koehler

ZMR Instrument – makes totally automatic measurements and creates corrections of all causal factors of chronic diseases

The normal metabolic processes are highly disturbed in the disease foci. Regeneration happens very rarely. Degeneration is often dominant with chronic inflammations, pain, functional impairment, etc.

The application of the ZMR instrument creates vital conditions in order to help the organism remove stresses, to increase the potential for healing and initiate regeneration processes.

The instrument can be generally used for support of the healing potential with all illnesses, acute and chronic, i.e with psychosomatic conditions, pain conditions, chronic inflammations, degenerative processes, heart weakness (cardiasthenia), focal stresses, allergies and in combination with all kind of therapy.

The ZMR instrument creates favorable healing prerequisites. This should be the first step. The instrument can be used by itself, or before any other treatment methods are used, regardless of what kind of treatment. The effectiveness of such additional modalities will be enhanced or made even more effective. This is true for acupuncture, neural therapy, chiropractic therapy and the use of either homeopathic or conventional medications.


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