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Literature References about the Scientific Basics

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Besides many magazine articles, which appeared under this topic, especially in the Medical Journal CoMed, there are also seminars, which deal exclusively with this subject matter.

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The fundamentals of Life
Metabolism and Nutrition
(German Language)

The basis for a better understanding of life processes and the development of illnesses by Dr. Bodo Koehler, Publisher videel Niebuell

This book thoroughly describes the inner and outer interactions with which the human being constantly has to deal, especially the demands of the psyche, and their effect on cell metabolism. You will learn the fundamentals of the causes for the development of chronic degenerative diseases like arteriolosclerosis, osteoporosis, etc. and treatment possibilities will be explained including recommendations for nutrition.


Symmetry pathology - the stagnation in the life process (German Language)

Integration through communication as a means to solve conflicts and obtain inner freedom by Dr. Bodo Koehler, Self-publisher Freiburg

The suppression of symptoms will only in very rare cases trigger the healing process. As each chronic disease demonstrates, the fundamental cause remains unchanged. This is usually a deep seated psychological conflict, which is the result of incorrect processing of events. This book not only describes spiritual aspects of Being, but also insights into personally responsible action, as well as the resolution of conflicts.

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Biophysical Information Therapy
- Introduction into Quantum Medicine
(German Language)

The Standard for Information-Medicine in the 6th edition by Dr. Bodo Koehler, Publisher videel Niebuell

We are born into an ecological niche, with an ocean of electromagnetic waves, which we not only adapted to, but which also nourishes us and steers us. Sunlight is both electromagnetic radiation and heat radiation. This is also the basis for communication and regulation processes in our organism. The book describes quantum physical connections in easily understandable form as well as excellent therapy possibilities.


Regulation Diseases – The attempt of a comprehensive analysis (German Language)

Standard for cell-metabolism, a landmark for a new way of thinking by Professor Dr. Dr. Juergen Schole/ Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lutz, Publisher videel Niebuell

The 4 color Human – the path towards inner balance

Besides other important publications, this is the standard work on the psyche by Prof. Dr. Max Luescher, Publisher Mosaik Goldmann Verlag, Munic

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